Full-stack Developer

Seer Medical provides home-based video, EEG & ECG monitoring to provide a more convenient path toward epilepsy diagnosis compared with more conventional methods. While at Seer my remit covered the Seer web application and API. Among other things, the Seer web app visualizes EEG (electroencephalogram) and ECG (electrocardiogram) trace data collected from patients for use by medical practitioners. The app also acts as the primary interface for management of patient referrals, bookings as well as diagnostic equipment scheduling. While there I worked on a visual uplift of the web app and helped establish a new design system underpinning a new UI toolkit. I worked closely with our Designers and UX staff to establish a standardized set of design tokens on top of which we could build a consistent UI toolkit. I also collaborated closely with other Developers to ensure the UI toolkit was easy to use & used as much as possible throughout the codebase. Among other things, this involved using tools such as Storybook to thoroughly document our new design tokens as well as to document the UI components built on top of those design tokens. Besides providing a visual uplift, I also delivered some performance enhancements to the web frontend and helped deliver developer workflow enhancements such as feature flagging using Launch Darkly. This latter improvement was especially useful when Seer began expanding to the international market and the need arose to better control access to the Seer web app's feature set at a user segment level. Seer Medical made heavy use of Linc preview URLs during UI development to help loop in various stakeholders and iterate on features more quickly. Linc is a platform I helped build prior to joining Seer Medical.