Lead Developer

Linc is an automation platform for modern web front-ends built on the FAB bundle format. It generates unique, shareable preview URLs of every commit during development & lets you run any preview deployment against any staging environment. Linc also supports automatic deployments to modern edge hosting providers such as Cloudflare Workers and [email protected] Linc started out as CLI tool created by founder Erwin van der Koogh back in late 2017. I came onboard in early 2018 as the company's first employee and we were joined later in 2018 by Glen Maddern who came aboard as co-founder alongside Erwin van der Koogh. Together we developed Linc from a simple CLI tool into a full-featured web application used by developers around the globe. While at Linc I had the opportunity to work on some pretty rad stuff:
  • I built the web frontend for Linc
  • I fleshed out the Linc API from an initial proof of concept
  • I developed a Slack integration which syncs Linc preview URLs & job status updates to Slack
  • I created a CLI tool allowing you upload build-artefacts directly to Linc from any place
  • I also built a browser extension that lets you leave feedback directly on Linc preview URLs.
Linc was a small team so I usually had to wear a lot of hats: developer, developer advocate, designer, delivery manager and more. The company successfully made it through the Startmate Accelerator Program in 2019 and was ultimately acquired by Cloudflare, the worlds largest cloud hosting provider, in December of 2020.