Palette Town is a tool for creating and refining unique color palettes for your website or other project. Palette Town Interface

#Palette Cycling

Palette Town generates a new palette every time you click the palette button. In this way, you can quickly cycle through palettes until you hit something you like:

#Color Harmonies

Palette Town generates palettes in a variety of different Colour Harmonies. A Colour Harmony refers to the specific distribution of colours around the colour wheel. The following Color Harmonies are supported:


Three colours located next to each other on the colour wheel: Analogous color harmony


One base colour and two colours adjacent to the directly opposing colour on the colour wheel: Split color harmony


Three colors evenly spaced around the colour wheel: Triadic color harmony


Four colours arranged in two complementary pairs: Tetradic color harmony


Five colours evenly spaced around the colour wheel: Pentagon color harmony

#Edit Swatches

Palette Town allows you to edit an arbitrary palette swatch in the HSL, RGB or CMYK colour space:

#Reorder Palette

The order of swatches within a palette can be modified by clicking and dragging a swatch: You can also randomize or reverse the palette by tapping the randomize and reverse buttons in the navbar: Navbar

#Save Palettes

Palettes can be saved for future reference by clicking the heart button in the nav. Saved palettes can be viewed and managed from side navigation: Side Navigation

#Export Palette

Once you've generated a colour palette to your liking, you can export it to your clipboard in your preferred colour space & format:

#More info

If you're interested in playing with Palette Town, you can find it here. If you'd like to see the code, you can find it here.

Some of the tech I worked with on this project: